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Avanti VFR14PS-IS 1.4 Cu. Ft. Dual Function Refrigerator or Freezer

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Brand Avanti
Model VFR14PS-IS
GTIN14 00079841500147
Retail Price $342.00

Product Description

The Avanti VFR14PS-IS 1.4 cu. ft. Dual Function Refrigerator or Freezer - Black is one of those genius products that understands your needs often change at a moment's notice. This compact and sleek unit features a full-range temperature control setting, making it simple to convert it from a refrigerator to a freezer. With its sophisticated black cabinet and rounded, platinum-finished door, it's an attractive addition to a kitchen or rec room. Avanti has been a leader in the Consumer Appliance Industry for over 30 years. They specialize in compact to full-sized refrigerators, upright and chest freezers, wine coolers, water dispensers, and more. Avanti's reputation has been built by providing quality products at a great value. They are known for our compact refrigerators for the home, office and dormitory. Avanti compact refrigerators have become popular with hotel chains nationwide as in-room refrigerators and refreshment centers. (MASI417-1)