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Frigidaire A-C FFRE2533S2 25000 BTU Window - Mounted Room Air Conditioner Electronic Control - 2016 Estar

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Brand Frigidaire
Model FFRE2533S2
GTIN14 00012505280467
Retail Price $599.98
BTU Cooling 25000 BTU/H

Product Description

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  • The Temperature Gradually Increases A Few Degrees Over The Evening Saving Energy And Creating A Comfortable Environment During The Evening Hours
  • Remote Control
  • Offers you the flexibility to control the temperature and fan speed from anywhere in the room
  • The electronic air purifier is energized to remove pollen and impurities from the air improving your comfort
  • Effortless Clean Filter - Our antibacterial filter reduces bacteria room odors and other airborne particles for a healthier more comfortable environment
  • SpaceWise Adjustable Side Panels:
  • panels will extend to best fit your window
  • Comes with an extra long three-prong cord - makes extension cords unnecessary
  • Automatically resumes operating at its previous settings when power is restored to your unit
  • Alert notifies you when your filter needs to be cleaned so you don’t have to keep track of it yourself
  • Color: White
  • AC Controls: Digital
  • Air Conditioner Type: Window
  • Voltage: 230 volts