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Ott-Lite Natural Daylight 26W Dual-Sided Makeup Mirror, Purple/Chrome

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Brand OttLite
Model B5947R
GTIN14 00796433495963
Retail Price $39.99

Product Description

Bring the accuracy and beauty of Ott-Lite Natural Daylight 26W Dual-Sided Makeup Mirror, Purple/Chrome. This Ottlite offers a natural lighting indoors to help you apply makeup flawlessly for a confodent look with no surprises once you go outside. The secret is a precise blend of light wavelengths - OttLite 508 Illumination Colors are true and vibrant. Details are incredibly clear - for a fresh, beautiful look every time. Earth friendly Illumination. Rated to last up to 10,000 hours. OttLife lighting is energy-efficient and earth friendly. By reducing energy consumption, you can save big on your electric bill and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Plus, because of the incredible quality of OttLite 508 Illumination, you may find it's the only light you need to work by. Turning off lights, you're not using saves electricity for even greater savings! Product Details: 2 Bulbs Included. Look your best when you apply makeup under accurate, natural lighting. Blend foundation, eye shadows, blush and more with ease. See true skin tones and hair color. Match clothing and accessories perfectly - even colors like black, brown and blue. Perfect for up-close tweezing and nail polish application. Dimensions 13" H x 5" x 11" Base Size.