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special limited edition christmas furby

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I can wiggle my ears, blink my eyes & move my mouth. You can teach me to do tricks, I can dance. I can communicate with other furbys and teach them games, songs and tricks. Love me and I'll love you back, lets play together! THE STORY OF FURBY: Some furbys are grey, and others are white Some furbys are black, as black as night Some have tails, and others manes Small of stature, big of heart; all furbys are so very smart They speak a language all their own, for furbish is a language quite unknown Furbys need "may-may" (love) and "may-lah" (hugs); and they "wee-tee" (sing) and "loo-loo" (joke) They play "furby says" and "hide and seek" and into the future they can peek So when you take a furby home you will never be alone The more you play, the more they do - FURBY WILL KEEP AMAZING YOU! "noh-lah" (dance) and "wee-tee" (sing), "e-tah/e-tah" (yeah-yeah); furbys have come for "u-nye" (you) and "kah" (me). Choking hazard: Not for children under 3 years. Requires 4 "AA" batteries (Not Included).


Brand Tiger Electronics
Model 70-885
GTIN14 00033170613008